Project Description
Kinect Finger Paint is a Kinect application build on the OpenNI framework. It is meant as a tutorial and playground for experimenting with the Kinect interface.

This project is currently being developed mainly for academic purposes. I'm trying to learn about the Kinect interface as well as make some information available to the public. As such I've tried to keep the code readable and well commented, however, since its in a state of flux at the moment, I make no promises.

Currently the program only reads depth and image data from the Kinect and displays it in a 640x480 Winforms based window. Theres a lot to be done.

Here are some things I would like to accomplish (in no particular order):
  • UI to do finger painting
  • Investigate better finger tracking algorithms
  • Port to XNA
  • Run it on my XBOX
  • Port to Microsoft's yet unreleased SDK for Kinect
  • Have fun and learn a bit
  • Provide some well needed support and code to the Kinect programming communty
  • Spark some interest in developing other Kinect based solutions
  • ???
  • Profit

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